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Englo Applications
Logs in Forest


Englo Dust Extractors are used worldwide for Mining, Power Utility and Heavy Process Industries. Englo specializes in the safe control of combustible dust and in fact The Englo Dust Extractor is considered to be one of the safest and most reliable dust extraction systems available on the market today.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency Part II 40 CFR 60 Standards of Performance for Coal Preparation and Possessing Plants; Proposed Rule, Englo is considered Best Demonstrated Technology (BDT), and has a lower cost than conventional dry collection systems. Englo Dust Extraction and its highly experienced team have met the challenges set forth by MSHA, OSHA and the EPA to address the needs of its customers to better manage fugitive combustible dust.


Modular Approach: 

Englo modular approach tailors the equipment to the application with adaptable “Modules” on the inlet and outlet of the Englo unit to adapt to dust loading requirements and efficiency objectives.

Compact Versatile Design:

Locate extractor close to dust source, minimize ducting length, and portability option.


Custom Designed Systems: 

Each system custom designed for customers needs.

Lower Cost: 

Lower capital, installation and operating cost than conventional dry collectors.


Dust Extractor Units can be fixed mounted, equipment, skid or trailer mounted depending on the application needs.

Highly Trained Service and Support: 

Full service and support team dedicated to providing “Best in the Industry” assistance.

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