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Solar Hybrid Kiln photo

Solar Hybrid Kiln

Kiln Selection  |  RET Energy Screen 
Fuel type: Wood Waste?  Oil?  Natural Gas?
Total square footage of roof area
Note any conduit and fixtures on the roof that cannot be relocated. This would reduce effective area of roof.

Location of Kiln

Mapping of the Geographical location


Site Visit by Engineering & Contractor
Take pictures & measurements of roof area
Note any issues on roof area
• Exhaust Vents
• Electrical conduit and steam line runs
• Structures
• Roof integrity
• Job and roof access
• Does the roof need resealed?
Establish a preliminary ducting plan
Plan ducting route|
Establish an install timeline
• Kiln Shutdown for PM
• Working while kiln is in operation
Solar Wall Configuration design for square footage and obstructions
Section that will maximize energy recovery
Fan Selection
• CFM determined by square footage
• CFM required for maximum energy recovery
• Electrical Requirements
– VFD Panels
• CFM requirement and determine the size of ducting for low static
• Obstructions that would cause custom designs
– Walkways
– Steam piping
Install & Commissioning
Solar Hybrid Kiln Installation
Our Solar Hybrid Kiln will lower your CO2 Emissions
  • Harnessing Solar Energy

  • Increasing the R factor “insulation” of the kiln

  • Increase the efficiency of older units

  • Displacing hot saturated air with warm dry air

  • Less energy required to heat air

Englo Solar Hybrid Kiln Onesheet
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