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Tunnel De-Duster Systems

Custom Wet or Dry Units
Englo has developed a full line of De-Dusters that can be used Wet or Dry. The Wet system offers the advantages of being self cleaning, safe, compact, extremely mobile, low water pressure and consumption, low static loss through the scrubber box. Trouble-free and reliable with over 20-years of history worldwide behind us.  
In order to address the needs of its customers when a Wet System is not appropriate Englo has used its expertise to develop a line of DRY De-Dusters that use simple insertable filter panels through a QUICK RELEASE access door on either side of the De-Duster Unit. These panels offer the advantage of high collection efficiency, easily removable to clean or replace, quick access door to speed up serviceability, extremely mobile, reliable, and cost effective solution. 
All these systems, Wet or Dry can be customized to fit the air volume requirement and the space requirements of the customer application.

• Custom Wet or Dry De-Duster units
• QUICK release doors to save time on internal
  inspections and cleaning.
• Volume range of 2,100 cfm to 100,000 cfm
  (1 m3/sec to 48 m3/sec)
• High Efficiency Dry System
• Low Water Pressure needed for Wet System
  - 26psi or 1.8 bar

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