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Baghouse Collectors

ENGLO's TLM Modular Baghouse is designed to meet the unique requirements of each application.

Starting with transportation, the dimensions of the TLM Baghouse are such that trucking can be done without oversize permits. Installation is simple and straightforward with the modular design and integral lifting lugs. Overall design is compact to minimize footprint and overall height to fit in the tightest space available.

Heavy-duty internally reinforced 10-gauge walls and robust structure meet industry demands. Utilizing computerized simulation software, the pulse-jet cleaning system operational design has been optimized for efficient cleaning and airflow. Hinged filter access doors and our exclusive toolfree bag replacement, allow for the quickest, easiest maintenance.

The TLM Baghouse brings you the culmination of many years of experience with quality and features unrivaled in the industry.

As the dust accumulates on the filters, an on-board pressure gauge monitors differential pressure between the clean side and the dirty side of the baghouse.

Once a set maximum differential pressure is reached, a solid state timer board activates the cleaning system. The timer board activates an electric solenoid, which opens the diaphragm valve. Compressed air from the manifold on the baghouse is released through the diaphragm valve into the blowpipe above the bag filters. The pressure from the pulse-jet removes the dust buildup by blowing it off outward from the inside of the filter. This all occurs while the system is online for continuous duty operation.

The TLM Baghouse features downtime cleaning as well, so the system performs a final pulse-clean cycle after shutdown to ensure maximum dust release and long filter life.

Download the Baghouse Collectors brochure here.

Baghouse Opperation

The TLM Baghouse operation is simple, proven, and efficient. Dust-laden air is drawn from the source through a duct system and into the hopper inlet.

Through air expansion and an internal deflection plate, the airstream velocity is reduced so large particles drop into the hopper below. The remaining dust particles are filtered through bag filters.

This ensures that only clean air passes into the clean air plenum, through the fan, and is either exhausted to the atmosphere or returned to the building.

ENGLO Baghouse Collectors Brochure
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