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Wet-Tower Extractor

The purpose of ENGLO's Wet-Tower Extractor is to create a working environment that is free from dust. ENGLO Wet-Dust Extraction systems have a proven track record of mitigating fire and explosion risk associated with combustible dust. ENGLO has developed a unique capability for applications where combustible fibrous or hygroscopic dust is involved.
Fibrous dust creates a problem for dry baghouses, cartridges, or cyclone collectors because the fibers can become entangled and clogged inside the equipment. The ENGLOW Wet-Flow Dust Extraction Tower has been designed to prevent this entanglement. Hygroscopic dust tends to clog and blind off filters since it attracts moisture from the air.  The Wet-Tower eliminates these issues since no filters are needed. Dust and fibrous air from process operations is captured with exhaust hoods and ducted to an inlet located at the bottom section of the tower.
The tower is designed to capture dust, fibers, and fluff from materials such as lint, paper, wood, film, and other difficult dusts and to continuously flush everything to a bottom effluent drain. The wet effluent can then be sent to an external process location or filtered and recirculated. ENGLO’s Wet-Tower Extractor the dust control devices are applied in the food industry, forest products industry, and metals recycling processes. From cradle to grave, ENGLO’s Extraction units are proven methods of handling many types of dust.  The Wet-Tower Extractor can be implemented as a standalone dust control device using centrifugal or other fan types to move the dirty air into the wet tower. Opacity testing shows virtually no visible emissions exhausting from the tower.  Therefore, it is suitable in many cases as a replacement for standard baghouses.  Its design inherently eliminates fires or explosions normally associated with dry collection devices and according to the NFPA 652 exhaust air can be returned into the building.
The ENGLO Dust Extraction Systems have a rated efficiency of up to 99% total dust.
The Englo Wet-Tower Extractor can be utilized in conjunction with Englo Dust Extractors or other means to provide air flow through its interior, using water and high velocity generated by its unique design to extract particulate from the air being carried through duct systems in many different applications.
Once installed the tower extractor requires very little attention to perform.
Download the product line spec sheet here.

As the heavily particulate laden air is pulled upward through the ENGLO Tower Extractor, the particulate is forced to contact the water droplets from the tower’s spray nozzles, causing it to be weighted and fall to the bottom of the cylinder. From there the particulate and water, entrained in the air flow inside of the tower, is scalped off and exits the tower. The Wet-Tower is custom designed to allow flexibility in sizing for the required air volume of the system.
ENGLO Wet-Tower Extractor PDF
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